Raato Instruments are Designed & Built to meet following criteria.

1) Playability

2) Tone

3) Unique Looks

You as a player define what these include - Everything from Your playing style, Your reach (size of hand), The Tone you are looking for - And naturally how your instrument should look like.

There are many things to consider when selecting options for your instrument - But not to worry. I am here just for that - To discuss with you and guide you through different options and possibilities based on your Wants & Wishes.

Most important thing is that you know the way you play - And what kind of tone you are looking for - Rest will be covered in detail when we will discuss your project together.

Please remember - This is not a complete list and most of the options can be customized. So please see these pages as a food for thought in the beginning of a journey towards your custom instrument.


Lichtenberg Finish
RCG Raadotar guitar with Lichtenberg wood burning and thin satin clear coat.
Custom Inlays
Tuning machines
Pickups for Guitar
Pickups for Bass
Preamps for Bass
Fretboard Dots
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