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Perfect harmony of           Playing Comfort,

    Tone & Unique looks


The key principles behind every instrument that goes through my hands as a luthier.


My passion to music as a guitarist, bassist and gear addict led me on a quest for the ultimate instrument – After years of studying, designing, crafting and developing ideas further I reached the point that it was time to turn passionate hobby into full-time joy


Inevitably Raato Custom Guitars was born in 2017.

Mika Ruotsalainen

Owner / Guitar Maker

Mobile: / WhatsApp:

+358 50 338 8607

email: / Skype:

Raato Custom Guitars Owner Guitar Maker Mika Ruotsalainen Espoo Finland

Visiting Address:


04230 KERAVA


Avoinna: / Opening hours:

Weekdays: 9:00 - 19:00

Sat 10.00 - 15:00

By Appointment Only /

Soita ja Sovi aika!

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