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"It is very clear to me, judging by this review, that Raato Custom Guitars stands for top class workmanship combined with a fresh and fearless approach, when it comes to body shapes and different finishes. PenetRaatoR 6 Multiscale is a fine example of what a boutique grade modern Metal guitar can be."

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Sain kunnian vastailla yhdessä Ville Mattilan (Halla Custom) kanssa kysymyksiin soitinrakennuksesta

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"There’s a large segment of the boutique guitar market that is filled with ”updated Strats” and ”expanded Les Pauls”. Those may be great instruments for the traditionally-minded guitarist, but many players would like to leave the beaten path.

This is where companies like Raato Custom Guitars come in, offering first-rate quality and plenty of custom options for the guitarist who needs the ultimate modern electric guitar."

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