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Let´s laminate!


For Custom instruments neck profile is always crafted to your measurements

You can just let me know what kind of neck profile is the One - Or you can come by and test different options which I´ve crafted before

One of my personal favorites is SLIGHTLY ASYMMETRIC profile - When treble side  is carved slimmer and the meatiest part of the profile will be slightly above centerline of the neck. This will give you possiblity to have slightly thicker neck while maintaining easy reach.

(some standard measurements)


  Thickness at 1st fret      19 mm

  Thickness at 12th fret    21 mm


  Thickness at 1st fret       21 mm  

  Thickness at 12th fret    23 mm


This is yet again - Defined by you and size of your hand. So basically two things that rule what will be correct measurements for your neck.

1) String Spacing & Width at Nut

2) String Spacing of selected Bridge

Example Widths at Nut:  Ibanez Wizard II 43 mm - Stratocaster 41,9 mm - Les Paul 43 mm

Neck blanks

Depending on instrument I prefer to laminate neck blanks from 3-7 pieces of wood. This gives visually attractive look and is also structurally more stable.

My personal preference for Guitar neck is combination of Sapele Mahogany & Maple - When married with Ebony fretboard it gives beautifully balanced starting point to craft the tone of your instrument

On Bass Guitars I tend to lean towards Maple - Wenge combination


Majority of my instruments are designed with bolt-on construction - This is same with guitars as well as basses.

In basses bolt-on construction gives you more of that Fender Jazz Bass type of twang... You don´t wanna miss it!

And when neck pocket is made correctly you won´t loose any resonance or sustain either.. 

Some models (eg Raato V) is normally with Neck-trough construction. Also set-neck option available

Truss rods

Only Dual-Action truss rods are used.

a) Traditional truss rod with adjustment at the headstock

b) Truss rod with Spoke wheel - adjustment at the heel of the neck


On multi-laminate necks I use 10 degree neck angle, and with Scarf-joint I go to 13 degrees.

For visual reasons, as well as added strenght, headstock will always receive veneer. It can be matched to your guitar top, or then something completely different. 

Please see some of the "Stock" headstock options below

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