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My personal recommendations are as follows

Bass: Hardtail

My recommendation for hardtail bass bridges are:

Hipshot Kickass / A-Style 

- Available with 16,5mm to 21mm string spacings

Babicz FCH Full Contact Hardware

- for 4 & 5 -string basses

- 19mm string spacing

For smaller string spacing option from Babicz is:

Babicz FCH-1 Solo Rail

Guitar: Hardtail & Traditional tremolo

For 6-string guitar my go to bridges are:

Hipshot Fixed Hardtail

Hipshot US Contour 2-point Tremolo

For 7 -string and up my choice is again:

Hipshot Fixed Hardtail

Hipshot also offers good range of Multiscale bridges

Guitar: Floating Tremolo

If you are looking for floating tremolo equipped versatile guitar with spectacular acoustic sounds I´d look no further than:

Graph Tech LB63 Ghost (Piezo-loaded Floating tremolo)

- LB63 is a drop-in replacement for OFR and OFR license bridges - So if you want to upgrade your existing guitar, it is possible too. 

- 6-string guitars only

- Color options: Chrome, Black, Gold

Otherwise I would go with the industry standard, which is also available for 7-string guitar:

Original Floyd Rose

Q: "What about my favorite bridge?"

A: Looking for Evertune, Lo-Pro Edge, Bigsby, Schaller or something completely different?

Just contact me!

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