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Endorsement announcement: Carl Johan Langenskiöld / Bob Malmström

I am Excited to announce that Bass wizard Carl Johan Langenskiöld of Bob Malmström is about to enter the realm of Raato Custom Guitars.

Mr Langenskiöld will be getting raadotized P-bass with P/J pickup configuration.

Build has just started and you can keep up with build updates & comments from bass wizard himself about different choices that will be made along the way.

You can follow progress on Bob Malmström FB-page.

Mr Langenskiöld is also performing with artist name Matias Löfman in following acts which you should check out: Necroslurg, Trident, S.A.A.B. & Superflesh


New EP Länge Leve Bob Malmström released on 05.04.2019 - Get it now!

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