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Raato Virtual Tour Now Available

Welcome to Raato Custom Guitars Holy Couch Guitar Show - Virtual Show

Unfortunately Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020 was cancelled due to current situation in the world - But we thought that It would be shame to leave you hanging - So we decided to put up a virtual show including lots of information about our work and our Custom Guitars and Basses.

Also I had great privilege of having guys from Re-Armed to pop by in studio - And also Karri Hänninen prepared a Greetings video for you.

I hope you find this informative and you Enjoy it.

Material we have prepared for you:

1. Opening Words

2. Introduction to Raato Custom Guitars

3. Raato Design Principles

4. Lichtenberg Wood Burning - One-of-a-kind Finish for Your Instrument

5. Overview of Raato Guitars

6. Overview of Raato Basses

7. Raato Artists & Greetings from Karri Hänninen

8. Greetings from Re-Armed

9. Workshop Tour

10. General Pricing Information

11. Meet the Luthier -Live meetings

PLEASE NOTE: Best way for you to check videos in correct order is to open this playlist:

Raato Custom Guitars Virtual Tour -Landing page & Booking Calendar


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