Kitarablogi Review: Raadotar 6 & Raadotar 7 Multiscale

Kitarablogi Piste Com review fresh out of oven. Read here

It was very exciting to me as this was first time my instruments were reviewed in professional manner - So lot of excitement - And after reading the judgment report I was very happy and reliefed. Lot of extra energy to carry on with my potentially over-ambitious load of guitars which I´m prepping for upcoming Tonefest.

Reviewed instruments:

RAADOTAR 6 - features Graph Tech Guitar Labs LB63 Ghost (piezo-loaded) Floating Tremolo & Advanced preamp - Bare Knuckle Pickups Ragnarok set - Hipshot Products Inc Grip-Lock tuning machines

RAADOTAR 7 MULTISCALE - features Hipshot Products Inc Fixed 7 21 degree slanted bridge, Grip-Lock tuning machines & O-Ring Knob - Bare Knuckle Pickups Nailbomb (ceramic) 16 degree slanted pickup

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