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Kitarablogi Review: Raadotar 6 & Raadotar 7 Multiscale

Kitarablogi Piste Com review fresh out of oven. Read here Raato Custom Guitars Review

It was very exciting to me as this was first time my instruments were reviewed in professional manner - So lot of excitement - And after reading the judgment report I was very happy and reliefed. Lot of extra energy to carry on with my potentially over-ambitious load of guitars which I´m prepping for upcoming Tonefest.

Reviewed instruments:

RAADOTAR 6 - features Graph Tech Guitar Labs LB63 Ghost (piezo-loaded) Floating Tremolo & Advanced preamp - Bare Knuckle Pickups Ragnarok set - Hipshot Products Inc Grip-Lock tuning machines

RAADOTAR 7 MULTISCALE - features Hipshot Products Inc Fixed 7 21 degree slanted bridge, Grip-Lock tuning machines & O-Ring Knob - Bare Knuckle Pickups Nailbomb (ceramic) 16 degree slanted pickup

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