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PenetRaatoR Rev DP

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"Rotten Flesh"

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I had had this perfect death metal guitar in my mind for a while, and when it was time to make it happen - Who would be better to build one if not Raato Mika himself!


My idea was to create finish that looks like 'Rotten Flesh' and I think Mika nailed it! This is high-end at it's finest.


As tuning for this bad girl is drop A, so we went with 27" scale length which delivers perfect stability and tension for my needs.

Asymmetric neck profile with perfectly cut offset superstrat body delivers the most comfortable guitar I have ever owned.


With Dimarzio D-Activators and Gotoh GE1996T tremolo this beast sounds serial killer and is unstoppable.

"Rotten Flesh" is perfect guitar for death metal and beyond!

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