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Jose Moilanen Bloodred Hourglass Raato Custom Guitars Raato endorsement artist custom bass guitar multiscale bass guitar Alysia 4-string multiscale bass, photo Outi Puhakka Outo Kuva

"I was looking for a four-string bass guitar that’s easy to play, delivers that punchy and crispy tone also in low tunings and which also looks super cool!

Raato managed to deliver everything that I wanted from my dream bass.

We ended up with 36"-34" multiscale lengths. Woods are Swamp ash on the body and Wenge/Maple laminate neck topped with Ebony fretboard. That combined with Delano dual humbuckers that really brings out all the little nuances and wide dynamic range are something that only Raato Custom Alysia Bass can offer.

I must say that this Raato Custom Alysia is the Best Bass I´ve Ever Played!”

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(Photo by Outi Puhakka, Outo Kuva)



”I wanted a killer-sounding and stealthy looking baritone that would feel like a standard guitar. 


Raato Guitars came up with the idea to move the neck slightly more into the body and do some carefully considered extra abrasion around the cutaway to deliver exactly what I wanted. A testament to the craftmanship is also the super firm neck construction with asymmetric neck profile – which gives a whole new meaning to the words ”solid” and ”playability”.


Crushing and violent tones are brought forth by the devastating Ragnarok humbucker from Bare Knuckle pickups while state of the art hardware (e.g. Hipshot tuners) leaves zero room for stressing about being in tune. Perfectly executed beatiful yet dangerous looks are icing on the top!


An instrument built precisely to one’s wishes and playing style down to every last detail – what more can a musician dream of? Raato Custom ObliteRaator is easily the best guitar for me."

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Photo by Outi Puhakka, Outo Kuva

Lauri Silvonen Bloodred Hourglass Raato Custom Guitars Raato endorsement artist, raato guitars, obliteraator, 6-string baritone guitar, Photo by Outi Puhakka Outo Kuva

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