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Perfect harmony of           Playing Comfort,

    Tone & Unique looks


The key principles behind every instrument that goes through my hands as a luthier.


My passion to music as a guitarist, bassist and gear addict led me on a quest for the ultimate instrument – After years of studying, designing, crafting and developing ideas further I reached the point that it was time to turn passionate hobby into full-time joy


Inevitably Raato Custom Guitars was born in 2017.

 Mika Ruotsalainen

Owner / Guitar Maker

+358 50 338 8607

Raato Custom Guitars Special Lichtenberg Wood Burning finish on PenetRaatoR electric guitar

                   Always Unique


      Wood Burning 

        finish options

For You who want One-of-a-Kind instrument!

Figures are made with electricity

            Any Scale length...


       Fanned Fret

          Standard Scale

Multiscale available to all models

in Any Custom Scale Lengths

               All about quality




10 Years Limited Warranty for first owner

Ordering a Custom Instrument

1. Contact via Chat, Email or give me a Call to discuss about your ideas around custom instrument.

2. We will have 30 to 60 minutes discussion to cover all key areas around Playability, Tone & Looks you are after - Key defining factor is naturally You as a player, Your playing style & music you are playing, Reach and Size of hands as well as your personal preferences.

3. Based on this information I will prepare a quote for you.

4. Once we have agreed the final specifications You will get Invoice for the reservation fee

Reservation fee is 35%-45% from instruments full price -depending on required upfront investments.

5. Once reservation fee is paid Your instrument will be placed in work queue.

6. Current Build-time is estimated between 3 to 4 months

7. Instrument will be delivered to You




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