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"For my melodic death metal project Aeon of Awareness, I was looking for a baritone guitar with a scale length as small as possible, which is still suitable for deeper tunings.


During the last few years I have used various brands, such as Gibson, Schecter, Jackson. Unfortunately, I have rarely been completely satisfied with the build quality and features of my guitars. Something was always missing. For this reason, I decided to start looking for a suitable guitar builder.


I became aware of Raato Guitars because of Wolfheart and especially Tuomas Saukkonen. From the beginning I felt well advised by Mika. It quickly turned out that he is able to realize all my wishes and requirements that I have for a guitar.


The first time I held my new Raato guitar in my hands, I noticed the very good quality of workmanship. The neck is easy to play and despite the longer baritone scale (I prefer rather smaller scales), I don't have the feeling that the guitar is difficult to play. Because of its high attack, it cuts well through the mix.


The guitar's tone is best described as clarity and precision, making it the perfect axe for my current purposes. I'm looking forward to conquering the stages with my Raato guitar and using it for the upcoming studio recordings.


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