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After being a customer for custom shops and been playing with hand built guitars which are customised for my hands for almost 20 years I was sure I have seen it all.


I was not actively seeking for a new guitar / guitar builder but got so much good recommendations about this “Raato” brand that I decided to take a chance.


That has been the best decision in years when it comes to instruments. Top notch service and communication while building the idea of a guitar from the drawing board to an actual instrument.

After writing over 20 albums, toured in over 40 countries and not planning slow down in the future my guitar needs to deliver in all situations from studio to a tour in arctic to tropical conditions.


I truly believe I have found my ideal tool for the job. The quality, playability, tone, feel and looks. All in a whole new level than what I have ever experienced before.

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Tuomas Saukkonen Wolfheart Raato Custom Guitars Raato Artist Family Raato Endorsement Artist Extermiraator 6-string baritone guitar Lichtenberg wood burning guitar
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