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FUZZROCITY AMALGAM (for Bass & Guitar)

FUZZROCITY AMALGAM (for Bass & Guitar)

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Fuzzrocity AMALGAM is Fuzz Face inspired pedal with BLEND control aimed primarily for BASS Guitar, but works very nicely with electric guitar too. Not for vintage tones as signal chain is buffered, though.


To keep things consistent I chose to design pedal with NPN Silicon transistors and I ended up using NOS 2N2222A & BC183B transistors.


Fuzzrocity delivers wide variety of tonal flavors from Crushing Fuzz to Transparent Overdrive. Due to added Hi-Pass Filter & Pre-Gain controls you can keep things nice and tight when required. Works equally well with Single coil, P90 or Humbucker equipped guitars.


Controls are:

BIAS - Set operating voltage. From Gated to Furry Fuzz tones


HPF - Hi-Pass Filter a.k.a. Bass Cut.

Counterclock-wise you have full signal entering to the fuzz circuit like in standard Fuzz Face pedal.

Hi-Pass Filter is placed before fuzz circuit to keep things nice and tight when required so.


FUR - Controls input signal hitting the fuzz circuit. Offers tones from overdrive to Fur(r)y Fuzz. 


LEVEL - Controls the output volume of Fuzz Circuit


BLEND - Controls amount of Clean signal in the output


Enclosure is etched and will be slightly different from the sides and back than in pictures.


Pedal can be powered from standard pedal power supplies


Power: 9V DC Center negative


Other than buffered signal chain and added Blend control this is similar to standard Fuzzrocity Guitar version with some small tweaks to values.




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