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Time Flies when you have Fun!

First ever Raato Pedal, 6 years as entrepreneur, Guitar Summit, Artist announcements and what not. Lot of things has happened and I seem to have failed to post anything to news section.

But hey ho. Here goes.

During the summer I ended up deep-diving to wonderful world of Fuzz Face pedals. For some reason I never had found anything useful (for guitar) from the market which would´ve worked to my playing. Maybe it was that I never felt the need before, as coming from prog metal, hardcore & punk world. I tried quite a few but anyway.

So this summer I pulled my protoboard up and laid down standard Fuzz Face circuit and started fiddling around with it. I tried out every component with different values and ditched what didn´t work to my taste and added things that I felt it lacked.

It took couple of weeks to play around and compare it to some other pedals until "FUZZROCITY" was born.

To keep things consistent I chose to design pedal with NPN Silicon transistors and I ended up using NOS 2N2222A & BC183B transistors.

Fuzzrocity delivers wide variety of tonal flavors from Crushing Fuzz to Transparent Overdrive. Due to added Hi-Pass Filter & Pre-Gain controls you can keep things nice and tight when required. Works equally well with Single coil, P90 or Humbucker equipped guitars.

Controls are: BIAS - Set operating voltage. From Gated to Furry Fuzz tones

HPF - Hi-Pass Filter a.k.a. Bass Cut. Counterclock-wise you have full signal entering to the fuzz circuit like in standard Fuzz Face pedal. Hi-Pass Filter is placed before fuzz circuit to keep things nice and tight when required so.

LEVEL - Controls the output volume

FUR - Controls input signal hitting the fuzz circuit. Offers tones from overdrive to Fur(r)y Fuzz.

Pedal can be powered from standard pedal power supplies

Pedal uses standard 9V DC Center negative power and can be powered with standard pedalboard power supplies.


You haven´t been forgotten. I am currently waiting for fist proto pcb´s that I designed with blend so that low-end will be retained in all situations. But more info about that later on.

Rock on!




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