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Custom Design Bass

              Feeling Creative?

         Custom Bass

    Built based on

Your Idea or Sketch

Have you got Spectacular idea how your new Bass Guitar should look like - And you need someone to build it for you?

You are in the right place!  We can work together and make it happen. 

Almost any shape is possible - Only Your Imagination is the limit - As long as it makes playable Instrument

One-of-a-Kind deal can be agreed

fiskars axe shaped bass guitar custom bass custom design

              Must be expensive?
         Pricing based          on Required
Design Work

Additional costs are directly linked to the maturity of your idea - And how much additional Design Work It requires

Additional Cost of Full Custom Design starts at 300€ (Ex. VAT)

    Still feeling creative?
     Contact me and
       Let´s make it happen!

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