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Raato Artist Juhana Heinonen Re-Armed Enragement Raato Custom Guitars, Raato Basses


"Raato Custom Guitars was the right choice to create the ultimate  bass of my dreams - Killer looks combined With Thunderous bottom-end & Razor-sharp clarity over the full tonal spectrum.

Playability is unbelievably smooth & effortless - This is the most coolest and smoothest fan fret bass ever created. And most important - This bass goes to Eleven!

One Bass to Rule Them All."

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"I've been searching 7-stringed guitar with V-shape with Hipshot bridge for years but without results. So I knew Custom Built is my only option.


I knew the quality Raato guitars deliver and been following the work of Mika quite some time.


After a rough sketch, a hint of Skeletor and few months wait, I finally have my dream axe ready to rip! "


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“I wanted a shiny, V-model guitar. By Mika’s knowledge and experience he managed to craft the best match for me.


It definitely turned out beautiful and unique, one can’t argue with that, but hell the playability impressed me big time as well.


I couldn't have felt more joy from this journey.”

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“We are so stoked we had Mika Ruotsalainen as our personal luthier. His craftsmanship and knowledge led us at three amazingly beautiful instruments. We can’t help but also emphasize the match made to the playability and touch. Of course, these are the custom-made -principles, which people take for granted, but we think Mika did succeed better than anyone else could have. The project was full of joy and happiness, and the road of co-operation starts now! The instruments will serve us for the rest of our lives, as they were built to last, forever!
-Oskari, Allan & Juhana

Re-Armed Online

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