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I fell in love with the classic P-design and -sound and after a rigorous factory P- and P/J-bass hunt with endless modification requests Raato suggested it would be easier to build the ultimate bass from scratch. So we did.


After working around ideas from P to P/J to P/MM and active/passive we landed on a P/MM active and made a tone monster with quality design and hardware choices through and through; no compromises from headstock to bridge and versatility like no other.


Delano pickups, Darkglass electronics, Hipshot hardware, and Raato's excellent woodworking skills ensure that IRON MIKE punches like a motherfucker in all situations.


After touring and recording with this bass guitar it's safe to say I've never played a better bass than this one.


And come on, look at it!




Carl Johan Langenkiöld Bob Malmtröm, Raato Custom Guitars Endorsement Artist

Bob Malmström Online:

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