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Guitar Teacher / Youtube Thrasher

I’ve always had a dream of “the perfect” guitar. Something that fits my hands and style perfectly and doesn’t hold me back. Something that inspires me.


The guitar feels great to play; overall setup, the neck profile, fret work and high fret access are all spot on. I’ve also noticed that I tend to grab the guitar and play it unplugged quite often, it just feels and sounds great even without an amplifier.


With a custom guitar, I was able to request these fun little details, such as a slightly offset body, to bring my right hand into a more natural position for alternate and down picking.


During the building of the guitar it was really easy to work with Mika and we went through all of the specs together from wood selection to hardware to body shape. I can’t stress the importance enough of having the right luthier build your guitar as this guitar wouldn’t have been great without Mika’s knowledge and suggestions. I thought I knew what I wanted in the guitar, but once we started working on the guitar, I quickly realized how valuable his knowledge is. The end result came from Mika’s ability to take my ideas and turn them into an instrument, which sounds, feels and looks perfect.


Karri´s Youtube Channel

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