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November 27, 2019

Hold you horses! - Get those spandexes ready! - Tune Your receptors on! 

The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020 is approaching fast!

And You got it right-  Yours Truly will be participating to Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020 in Berlin.

Event will be held at Estrel on May 2-3, 2020

Great honour to be part of this bunch - Check ´em out:

September 19, 2019

Jälleen on se aika vuodesta, kun vankkurien kokkaa suunnitellaan kohti Jyväskylää. Myös tänä vuonna Raato Custom Guitars paikalla muutamien kaunottarien kera.

Tapahtuma on maksuton

Tule ja Ihastu!


Veturitallinkatu 6


February 12, 2019

A Big Thank You to all of you who visited me and my ladies at Tonefest on Saturday 9th of February!

It was great to see all of you and hear your opinions & thoughts about the fruits of all the hard work and countless hours put in design, development and execution to bring all these different visions & ideas to life. 

In case you missed Tonefest you are welcome to take these ladies for a spin at Raato HQ in Espoo. 

Towards new exciting Visions I go!

Photo Copyright: / Martin Berka 

January 3, 2019

Kitarablogi Piste Com review fresh out of oven.    Read here

It was very exciting to me as this was first time my instruments were reviewed in professional manner - So lot of excitement - And after reading the judgment report I was very happy and reliefed. Lot of extra energy to carry on with my potentially over-ambitious load of guitars which I´m prepping for upcoming Tonefest.

Reviewed instruments:

- features Graph Tech Guitar Labs LB63 Ghost (piezo-loaded) Floating Tremolo & Advanced pre...

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