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February 27, 2018

I have added new page to the site: In Stock. Here you can find information about Custom Electric Guitars & Basses which are For Sale at given time. 

On the same page you can find also instruments which are still in the making, But coming up for sale shortly. With these Items you have opportunity to select eg. hardware, hardware color as well as pickups.

Go Check It Out!

February 10, 2018

After lot of hours put preparing instruments it was great day at Tonefest. Whole day talking about (can you guess? Yes!) guitars. That much that my voice is down. Thanks for all who visited my stand. I even remembered to take one picture. So here it is. 

January 31, 2018

I will be taking part to upcoming Tonefest event which is held at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki on 10th of February. 

I will be launching new model: "FearGazer" there and She will make heads roll!

This is unique opportunity to fuel your GAS with instrument, pedal & amplifier manufacturers from Finland.

Please check out the website:

And See You At Tonefest!

January 31, 2018

Preparations for Tonefest is on Big Time - Knobs for FearGazer & Pickup Covers for Raadotar getting slick look with Tru-Oil. 

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