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February 1, 2020

In one weeks time it is yet again time to Bring out your dead (Raato´s) at Helsinki Tonefest 2020 

We have several exciting new instruments joining the ranks. These instruments will have their World Premiere at the event and are not featured on the website or other media´s yet.

As always it is all about Playability, Tone & Unique Looks. 

You need to experience them in person.

But be warned - You might be wanting more once you get the taste!

Event information:

Saturday 8th of February

Opening hours: 10.00 - 19.00


November 27, 2019

Hold your horses! - Get those spandexes ready! - Tune Your receptors on! 

The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020 is approaching fast!

And You got it right-  Yours Truly will be participating to Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020 in Berlin.

Event will be held at Estrel on May 2-3, 2020

Great honour to be part of this bunch - Check ´em out:

September 22, 2019

Ok - It took way too long to get this part done as well - But finally today I have published dedicated site where you can find Raato Custom Guitars Endorsement Artists as well as some of the members of Raato Artist Family

I am still actively looking for interesting guitar & bass players with whom we could create new innovative instruments together - So in case you are interested to be part of Raato Artist Family, or get an Endorsement deal - Check out the FAQ page and drop me an email.

Make sure to check who i...

September 19, 2019

Jälleen on se aika vuodesta, kun vankkurien kokkaa suunnitellaan kohti Jyväskylää. Myös tänä vuonna Raato Custom Guitars paikalla muutamien kaunottarien kera.

Tapahtuma on maksuton

Tule ja Ihastu!


Veturitallinkatu 6


May 28, 2019

Yesterday we Opened our Showroom at Rock Above Studio -music shop. You can pop by and grab a Raato and check how it feels in your hands.

Most of the instruments on show are available for immediate purchase - Some are just as showcase from my own personal stock.


Avasimme eilen Raato Showroomin Rock Above Studio -musiikkiliikkeen yhteyteen. Nyt voit päräyttää paikalle ja kokeilla miltä Raato tuntuu kämmenissäsi.

Suurin osa soittimista ovat myös suoraan ostettavissa - Ja osa näytekappaleina, jotka rakenne...

May 23, 2019

Tervetuloa Rock Above Studio -musiikkiliikkeen ja Raato Custom Guitars Showroomin avajaisiin!

Paras paikka päästä kokeilemaan miltä se Raato tuntuu kädessä!


Paikan päällä käyneiden kesken arvomme seuraavat lahjakortit:

- Päivä Studioaikaa (1 kpl)
- Juhlatila ja sauna käyttöön, arki-ilta (1 kpl)
- Raato Custom Guitars - 150€ Lahjakortti (1 kpl)
(Koskee työn osuutta)
- Raato Custom Guitars - Soittimen perushuolto (2 kpl)
- Tuotepalkinnot

Blackstar kitara- ja bassovahvis...

May 2, 2019

Raato Custom Guitars will be exhibitor at Fuzz Guitar Show which is held in Gothenburg, Sweden on May 11th & 12th.

Still quite a bit of work to be done prior taking ferry to Sweden, but let´s see will I be able to finish both new instruments that I´ve planned to bring with me along with some previous ones.

Very excited to join the major players in the industry - In case you´ll be  around come say hi & check out what I´ve brought with me.

Some of the instruments that are on a shortlist to Fuzz Guitar Show

+358 50...

April 29, 2019

I am Excited to announce that Bass wizard Carl Johan Langenskiöld of Bob Malmström is about to enter the realm of Raato Custom Guitars.

Mr Langenskiöld will be getting raadotized P-bass with P/J pickup configuration. 

Build has just started and you can keep up with build updates & comments from bass wizard himself about different choices that will be made along the way. 

You can follow progress on Bob Malmström FB-page.

Mr Langenskiöld is also performing with artist name Matias Löfman in following acts which you...

April 23, 2019

PenetRaatoR 6-string 27,75" - 26,5" Multiscale guitar was reviewed by Kitarablogi

"It is very clear to me, judging by this review, that Raato Custom Guitars stands for top class workmanship combined with a fresh and fearless approach, when it comes to body shapes and different finishes. PenetRaatoR 6 Multiscale is a fine example of what a boutique grade modern Metal guitar can be."



PenetRaatoR 6-kielinen 27,75" - 26,5" multiskaala sähkökitara kävi Kitarablogin arvioitavana.


February 12, 2019

A Big Thank You to all of you who visited me and my ladies at Tonefest on Saturday 9th of February!

It was great to see all of you and hear your opinions & thoughts about the fruits of all the hard work and countless hours put in design, development and execution to bring all these different visions & ideas to life. 

In case you missed Tonefest you are welcome to take these ladies for a spin at Raato HQ in Espoo. 

Towards new exciting Visions I go!

Photo Copyright: / Martin Berka 

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