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Bloodred Hourglass – Latest members of Raato Artist Family

We are extremely excited to announce that Jose Moilanen & Lauri Silvonen from Bloodred Hourglass are latest additions to Raato Custom Guitars Artist Family.

Lauri Silvonen, Jose Moilanen, Bloodred Hourglass, Raato Custom Guitars, Raato Artisti, Raato Endorsement Artist, Custom Guitar, ObliteRaatoR, Custom multiscale bass, Alysia 4-string bass, kitara, sähkökitara, Photo by Outi Puhakka Outokuva
Lauri Silvonen & Jose Moilanen - Welcome to the Raato Artist Family!

Gents have already had intimate time on stage with their new instruments at SaariHelvetti and Dark River festivals. Otherwise these string slingers have been busy working with new Bloodred Hourglass material since the band will hit studio this fall to record their fifth full length album.

Jose has “Alysia” 4-string 36”- 34” Multiscale bass which was designed to fit his needs.

Jose Moilanen, Bloodred Hourglass, Raato Custom Guitars, Raato Artist, Raato artist family, Raato Endorsement Artist, Alysia 4-string multiscale bass, bass guitar, Saarihelvetti, Photo by Outi Puhakka Outokuva
Jose/BRHG at Saarihelvetti 2020

“I was looking for a four-string bass guitar that’s easy to play, delivers that punchy and crispy tone also in low tunings and obviously looks super cool too!

Cooperation and instrument design with Raato Custom Guitars was smooth and pleasant.

After a few weeks of playing and two live shows I can surely say that ”Alysia” is everything I was looking for – by far the best bass I have ever played.”

Jose Moilanen

Lauri´s new servant is 6-string 27” baritone guitar. Humbly named as “ObliteRaatoR”.

Lauri Silvonen Bloodred Hourglass Raato Custom Guitars, Photo by Outi Puhakka Outokuva
Lauri/BRHG at Saarihelvetti

“A custom instrument really built according to your wishes and playing style down to every last detail is something a guitarist mostly dreams of.

A baritone that feels like a standard guitar, asymmetric neck profile, just the right pickup and hardware choices plus absolutely killer looks – delivering all this was no treat for Mika Ruotsalainen (the luthier) and working with him was both extremely professional and smooth from the beginning.

Tested already at a couple of shows and in the studio I’m confident I’ve found the perfect partner when it comes to six stringers!”

Lauri Silvonen

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